Hot Wheels Crash Test Dummy Part II – Test a Hypothesis

Making a hypothesis and recording data are steps in the Scientific Method (I know at least half of my readers are probably groaning or cringing when they read this phrase!). But listen, the Scientific Method is what most standardized testing for our students is based around to get them ready for the Science portion of the ACT. The ACT/SAT may seem far off for your 5-yr-old… but imagine how great it would be if your kid starts school already feeling comfortable with science terms and using a scientific approach to problem solving!

Hot Wheels Crash Test Dummy Part I – Inertia

“For the LAST TIME, I told you to stop unbuckling your seatbelt!”
Yes, parents, I know all too well the anxiety of looking in the rearview mirror while careening down the highway only to see your smiling child has undone their seatbelt yet again. And you wish you could send your Go-Go-Gadget retractable arm back there to secure them, but you can’t… because 1) that sadly doesn’t exist, and 2) you are in charge of making sure your high speed vehicle doesn’t crash into that truck in front of you. ARGH! If only your small child could understand the DANGERS of unbuckling their seatbelt!
So let’s put that bin of Hot Wheels cars to some good use and experiment with INERTIA!