Make Your Own Solar Eclipse Viewer!

Since the sun is very bright and emits UV and infrared waves, it is extremely dangerous to look directly at the sun, even during a total solar eclipse. Β With this simple DIY Eclipse Viewer, you and your kids can safely view the changing sun without eclipse glasses!

Why You Should Teach Your Preschooler About Space

Kids are never too young to start observing things in the sky. Even if you live in a city full of light pollution, you can at least see the moon and a few of the brightest stars.

Answering the “Whys”: First Day of Spring

As any parent knows who has ever thrown their hands up in exasperation and said “Because I SAID SO!” …preschoolers are the kings and queens of asking WHY. This has inspired my new series of blog segments Answering the “WHYs”. In these posts I will attempt to explain some of the everyday science phenomena that kids are often curious about.