Answering the “Whys”: First Day of Spring

As any parent knows who has ever thrown their hands up in exasperation and said “Because I SAID SO!” …preschoolers are the kings and queens of asking WHY. This has inspired my new series of blog segments Answering the “WHYs”. In these posts I will attempt to explain some of the everyday science phenomena that kids are often curious about.

Bubbly Designs: a baking soda and vinegar activity

This fun activity is great for the whole family!  It’s very easy to set up and allows for a lot of independent experimentation.  Even the youngest child can have fun squirting the colored vinegar into the baking soda and watching it fizz.  Parents and older kids can use the baking soda as a canvas for…

Tabletop Hovercraft

You know how you spend a bunch of money on a fancy toy and your toddler plays with it for 2 days then loses interest… but then they will never get tired of the empty Kleenex box? Then you will love this activity! This is such an easy and exciting project to do inside on a…

The Story Behind Stay-at-Home Science

I have formatted all the activities to include 2-3 science vocabulary terms, a materials list, step-by-step instructions, and a short (preschooler-friendly) explanation of the science.