Color Mixing with Ice

This activity is so easy you’ll want to do it everyday and so entertaining you’ll bust it out at all your parties! The melting ice cubes provide a very clear visual to show what happens when you combine primary colors. Even the littlest scientists will enjoy the cool (lol, pun intended!) sensory aspects of playing with the ice as it melts into different colors!

Answering the “WHY’s”: April Showers

At 4:30AM my 3-yr-old comes padding into my bedroom, scared by the thunder and lightening. As he snuggles into bed next to me, he asks, “Mommy, why is it raining?” I’m sure something similar has happened to many of you! Here are a couple of fun and easy activities to help them understand.

EGGSperiment: The Bouncing Egg


This activity has been done in every science classroom in the country, but that is because it is SO COOL. And you can do it right in your own kitchen just in time for Easter with materials you already have in your fridge and pantry. Everyone in the family will love experimenting with ‘the bouncing egg’ and you will never look at Easter egg decorating the same again!

Freezing and Melting Ice Exploration

This super-simple activity is great for even the tiniest scientists! (My 17-month old loved it!) The messiness rating is a little high on this one, so take advantage of the warming weather and set up outside in the sunshine.

Bubbly Designs: a baking soda and vinegar activity

This fun activity is great for the whole family!  It’s very easy to set up and allows for a lot of independent experimentation.  Even the youngest child can have fun squirting the colored vinegar into the baking soda and watching it fizz.  Parents and older kids can use the baking soda as a canvas for…